Sesame Place


Our October 2000 Group had a chance to meet at Sesame Place since Carolyn was coming out to visit us. Boy did we have fun!
Sharon and Hana, Heather and AJ, Missy and Kaitlyn, Carolyn and Savannah (and her family joined us), Kelley and Will, and of course Debbi and Michael.

DSC01919 DSC01920 DSC01921 DSC01922
Hana, Michael,
AJ and Kaitlyn
Missy and Kaitlyn Heather and AJ
Everyone just relaxing
(Sharon and Carolyn)
DSC01923 DSC01924 DSC01925 DSC01926
Hana and Michael Cool Play Area! Michael says
"What should I play
with next?"
Michael still playing
DSC01927 DSC01928 DSC01929 DSC01930
Sadie in the background
DSC01931 DSC01932 DSC01933 DSC01934
AJ and Michael
both in red
Kelley (noodledance)
in back
Oops..time to start again