Knoebels 2002

with us, Christine, Mark and the twins, Karen and Darren and Bodie, and June and Charlie

Getting Around

Hanging around
the hotel


With grandpa
for breakfast

Sorry Mike, you're
not big enough for
the Phoenix...yet

Mike loved the

Unfortunately, so
did Mom

For hours I had to
pull her around the
entire park

By the end of the
day I could barely

By the carousel

Hi everyone!

Just before leaving

Dancing for Darren

In The Ballpit

On The Firetrucks

What a face!

Teaching him how
to ride like an ACE

On The Helicopters

Notice the 'Max
Weight' sign


Darren explains the
intricasies of casting
for styrofoam fishies

It took a while, but

Darren's thorough
knowledge of these
waters and this species
resulted in

a catch!

The Twins

Maddy arrives in

Mia does the

Chillin at the hotel

Maddy takes in the

On Other Rides

Finally Mike gets
to drive

I don't know what he
could have done to
get "the look" from


Deb couldn't wait
to take Mike on
the Sky Slide

The tractors were a
big hit

His first time on a
carousel horse (the
small S&G carousel)

With mom on the
big Carmel carousel


Group photo at the
end of day 1

Debbi took this one -
can you spot any

Mike took the nap of
all naps

Mom-to-be Karen had
a long day

Measuring up

He's grown so much!