RoadTrip '02

We were long overdue for a cross-country road trip, having been 4 years since RoadTrip98. I've done long road trips before, both together and by myself. Things would be a bit different this time, as we would be travelling with our 20 month old son, Michael. We figured that all-day 1000 mile marathon drives would be a bad idea, as well as tent camping and long 8 mile hikes. We made a plan for the driving out and back that put most of the driving during Mike's morning naps and nighttime, with only 1 real day of solid driving. We stopped at several amusement parks along the way during the day to have fun and tire Mike out. For the most part the plan worked.

This trip was also different from most in that it was not very photography intensive for me. I wanted to make sure this trip was fun for Mike, so I didn't want to make him wait around for an hour while I set up a tripod and waited for the perfect light during a hike. Instead I tried to focus on taking decent 'snapshots' of the trip. I also shot a lot more digital than I ever have before. I brought along about 30 rolls of regular film, but only ended up using 6. I took along 3 128MB memory sticks for the digital camera, and pretty much filled them up, even with a lot of end-of-the-day editing. We also took a lot of video, and I hope to add clips to the site soon.